SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

In recent weeks, countless pieces of news, briefing notes, reports from official institutions and scientific articles have been published about the current COVID-19 pandemic and its cause, the 2019 coronavirus. At the same time, linguists, translators and experts in the field have been publishing articles with writing recommendations for those who write or translate on this subject.

From them, I have extracted terms in English and Spanish and taken note of the suggestions to apply them in my work, coming to gather in a glossary more than 440 entries, among lemmas and abbreviations, both informative and specialized. The glossary I have compiled is very exhaustive and covers practically all the vocabulary that is being used these days in the oral and written media. But every day, the latest medical publications bring new terms and will soon need to be expanded.

I am making this “coronaglossary” available to translators, interpreters, writers and journalists, in case it might be useful to them in their work.

From this blog I would like to thank all the health, hospital, assistance, ambulance staff, 112 operators, pharmacists, nursing homes staff, policemen and soldiers, employees of markets, supermarkets and convenience stores, public transport staff, freight forwarders, farmers, fishermen and all those who are doing first-necessity activities for the community. And to all those who comply with the rules of confinement to prevent further contagion.

My thoughts go out to all those who have died, to their families and loved ones, to those who are hospitalized and to all those who are suffering from this pandemic.

My admiration and respect for those who have lost their lives or who expose their lives daily to save or protect the lives of others.

Cheers to all and may the confinement be made bearable!